I am a small-town woman originally from Thalassery, on the West coast of India. Our main export is educated professionals and our main import hard currency from places we go to work. This is because we have no industrial output to speak of, and we frighten investment away by having very left-wing notions about industrial conflict. I now live in Purley, Surrey.

I was educated at Government Brennen College, Thalassery and Chelsea College, London. In my other life I was a Mathematics teacher in comprehensive schools in Essex.

I spent ten years in Nigeria and Zambia working as a teacher trainer, and subsequently fifteen years working for the British Council overseas, in four countries in Africa, as Project Adviser or Manager. This gave me an unfair advantage as an author in that my perspective on life and society had to be constantly adjusted in terms of new and surprising experiences. Preconceptions didn’t stand a chance.

Though I live in England these days, I spend substantial tracts of time every year visiting Kerala and parts of Africa. These journeys recharge my writing battery and keep me forever hopeful for human beings.

I am told I am an ‘engaging speaker’ and an ‘evocative writer.’ Translated this means my optimism about life spills over in words, one way or another.

My main strengths are a strong sense of family, Indian style. I have a son, a daughter and a grand daughter. Not to mention two cats, a Jack Russell, and a garden, which takes more time than I should devote to it. It is good displacement activity when I want to escape that keyboard.