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Sunday, 27 May 2018

That Football Fiasco

Alright - I admit. WE lost. 3 -1 is not a huge collapse, nevertheless...

Was Karius responsible for the debacle? He gave two goals away for nothing and that was definitely the chief cause of our collapse. But, don't forget, Karius did a few great saves too.

I feel sorry for that young man. Nobody consoled him yesterday. That's heartless. Karius improved vastly over the last three or four months. He was never Champions' League goalie material. He may get there in a few years time; he has come a long way recently.

Meanwhile --
As soon as Salah left the field our team gave up. They started retreating, allowing Real to push us further and further back. In any case, Liverpool is famous for losing matches in the last ten minutes. We burn out at eighty minutes -- that's not Karius' fault.

Also - Firmino and Lallana were practically invisible. Sane' was compensating for two strikers, not one. The defence was not bad till that awful roll-back goal.

Real kept playing on the left wing and we let them attack from there -- why was there nobody defending that area?

We did well this season at home and in the Champions' League, even though we lost that final match. Klopp has transformed the team. So, next season, we will come back renewd, stronger, more confident. Allez, allez, allez.

So says a very old Indian woman who likes football. But, above all, mercy to the boys who make mistakes. That's what makes us human.