My first novel was A Streak of Sandalwood , published in 2009.

Thankam breaks all the unwritten laws of widowhood in Kerala: she refuses to become invisible or opt for a half-life of prayer and looking after her grandchildren. She even dares to take on a young lover.

Set against the famous backwaters of Kochi, this is the story of one courageous, feisty woman at odds with a conservative and judgemental society.

My second novel, Shards of Sunlight is set in a small coastal town  in India; it is the life of a little girl, Indu, and the hazards she has to survive.

The second world war is a faraway war, but it turned her life upside down. 

In the end she flees to Ceylon and falls in love with a Singhalese man. The communal conflict rages around her.

How did she find her way? Where did it lead her?

This is Indu's story.

Both books are available at Amazon, Smashwords, Create Space and YouWriteOn.